"A Fresh Start"

What to Expect

We believe that a “What to Expect” page can be very helpful because it is an opportunity to make newcomers comfortable enough to make their first visit. We have answered a few questions that may be on your mind and hopefully these answers will be enough to encourage you to come and be a part of a service.

What are your services like?

Whenever you pull onto the grounds at 1025 Howard Street, Spartanburg, SC 29303, members of our parking ministry will assist you in finding a parking space and will valet you vehicle for you if you like. When you enter the vestibule, members of greeters ministry will make you feel welcome and can answer any questions you may have.

  • Meet and Greet – We have a brief period (about five minutes) where everyone is encouraged to give someone they don’t know or haven’t seen since last service a handshake, hug or high-five.
  • Singing – Our choir will usually begin the service by singing a hymn. We sing songs at the beginning and toward the end of our service. We believe singing is a great way to celebrate and adore God. You can choose to sing along or listen to others sing.
  • The Message – Pastor Whitehurst or another minister will speak for about 30 minutes. The aim of our preaching time is to submit ourselves to the Scriptures, to equip us as followers of Jesus, and to remind us of the hope we have in Jesus Christ.
  • Prayer – The Bible is replete with references to the church community to pray for each other and with each other. We always reserve a few moments for the purpose of corporate prayer. If you have a need and would like prayer there will be several persons available to pray with you.
  • Communion – As a way of remembering the Gospel (the life, death, and resurrection of Christ). We observe communion every 5th Sunday at the end of the message.

How long are they?

Our services normally last about 90 minutes.

What is your style of worship?


What is typical attire?

We hope that you will wear whatever makes you comfortable. You will find plenty of people who are dressed casually while others are dressed more traditionally. We encourage you to just come as you are; we won’t judge you!

Is child care available? (don’t overlook the importance of this)

We have a safe, fun, and educational environment for infant through 11 years, or you are free to have your children with you in the service. All of our children’s workers have undergone background checks and been trained prior to volunteering.