"A Fresh Start"

Remember Who You Are

In life, we as people mainly struggle with self-esteem. We usually look below ourselves instead of above ourselves. We change ourselves to maybe fit into a group of people, be like someone else, or be popular and seek attention. We may also change our appeal, what we eat, how we eat, our hobbies, or anything else that we may not feel comfortable within ourselves due to us wanting to be like someone we’re not.
In the mornings, my grandmother would take me to school depending on what time she has to be at work. We will, first, get up around 6:20 A.M, do our morning routine, and then head towards my school. Of course, I and she would go to McDonald’s. I would get a chicken biscuit, and she would get a parfait. After that, she would drop me off at school with a kiss, a have a good day, and a love you, but mainly she would tell me, “Remember Who You Are”. The first time she told me that, I carried it with me through school, and throughout my daily life.
I want you to ask yourself a question. Who are you? What makes you, you? What is your talent? What is your dream? What are you reaching for? These questions will help you think about yourself and what you are capable of.
First thing you need to know is that clothes don’t make the man. It doesn’t matter how much gold and silver your wearing, it doesn’t make you, you. Of course, you can still be handsome and beautiful but not to the part where you’re doing it to please someone else. Wear what you want to wear. Don’t let clothing overtake your personality. Be pleased with yourself and what God has brought you to be.
Another thing you should know is that you should accept who you are. You have to get to the part where you love yourself in order to love others. Everybody is different. We share similarities, but we are still different. Why doubt yourself? You are you. Don’t compare yourself to other people. In the Bible, it reads, “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created them,” (Genesis 1:27). This means that God created me and you in his image. He made us different but loved the person he made out of us. If you don’t feel comfortable with yourself, don’t change the outside, but change the inside. Stop judging yourself on your outer appearance and judge the inside of you. Is this you? Do you know who you are? All you have to do is love yourself and look at yourself instead of other people.


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